Sedation Dentistry

Sedation Dentistry

What is Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry is a dental practice refers to use of sedatives or pharmacological agents that allow patients feel fully relaxed and calm during a dental appointment. Sedatives work by depressing central nervous system especially those areas concerned with conscious awareness.

Types of sedation dentistry include:

Minimal Sedation:

During this procedure you will be awake but fully relaxed. It is actually used for those who are mildly fearful. This can be attained through nitrous oxide known as laughing gas or pills. This is the only type of sedation where you may drive to and from office.

Oral Sedation:

In this procedure, patient will be given a pill orally. The relaxed state makes the patient to lose focus of external surroundings. This kind of effect will lasts for 1-2 hours. Oral pills are given before one hour of dental procedure. It offers deeper level of sedation, based on the dose of oral sedation given; patient can achieve sedation from minimal to moderate sedation.

Intravenous Sedation:

This is a great innovative solution for fearful dental patients. Patient can receive sedation agents through vein, which goes into effect quickly even adjusted continually. You are completely relaxed but still you are conscious enough to keep your protective impulses respond to stimulation as well as you can breathe on your own.

Why Sedation Dentistry is needed?

Sedation dentistry has been grown popular for past few years because of numerous benefits it offer to the patients and dentist as well. For those who are suffering from phobia, this is the only option to undergo any dental procedures and enjoy an improved dental health. Its benefits include:

  • With sedation, one can have one’s dental treatment without having to sense the pain. It also relieves stress and anxiety dramatically without fear of pain.
  • With the help of sedation dentistry, complicated and long dental procedures can be completed quickly. Extensive procedures that are time consuming even be performed easily as little as one visit with dental sedation.
  • Sedation dentistry saves your money too! Yes, sedation procedure is really a reasonably priced and affordable.
  • Since, sedation dentistry is widely available, patients will have no excuse to miss the dental appointments as well as delay treatments when required.

FAQ’s of Sedation Dentistry

We understand that you may have several questions on sedation dentistry before receiving dental treatments. Here are few of the FAQ’s about sedation dentistry.

1. Is sedation dentistry the same as being unconscious?

No. you will be responsive and conscious though having sedation, just in a state of relaxation.

2. Is sedation dentistry safe?

Yes, it is completely effective and safe way for most patients to receive dental treatments.

3. Will I remember anything?

A wonderful effect of this procedure is amnesia. Patients can remember little or nothing of their appointments. This can be very appealing for people with high anxiety.

4. Will there be any side-effects?

Drowsiness on the day of your dental appointment is to be expected. Some feel nausea but actually due to fact that they have not eaten anything.

5. Can I go back to work after appointment?

No. You need a family member or a trustee friend to drive you back to home and to take care of you for some amount of time.