Teeth Sensitivity

Treatment Options for Teeth Sensitivity to Heat or Cold

Do your teeth tingle or feel a pang of pain or both when taking a sip of cold drink or coffee or when eating something that tastes sweet? If so, you are more likely suffering from sensitive teeth. With teeth sensitivity, simple tasks such as drinking, eating or brushing could cause pain to your sensitive teeth. Today, this article is for you to find best possible treatment options for sensitive teeth.

Teeth SensitivityWhat is teeth sensitivity?

A tooth sensitivity is generally occurs when the dentin that covers the nerves is exposed either through loss of enamel layer or by recession of gums. Temperature changes and consuming certain foods can cause the teeth to be more painful. The pain actually subsides after a short period of time.

Common teeth sensitivity triggers:

  • Sugary Foods, of course can cause sensation in your teeth
  • Eating acidic foods are well-known to set off symptoms of sensitivity in your teeth
  • Clenching of teeth is another possible way that sensitivity is agitated
  • Over brushing is another common trigger
  • Various gum diseases resulting in gum recession and causing teeth sensitivity

Best possible treatments for tooth sensitivity:

  • Sensitivity that is resulted by compromised gums can be treated with a surgical gum graft. This may be an effective treatment for patients who have lost their gum tissue at root level.
  • Hold your brush like a pen but not like a weapon! Yes, gentle brushing and flossing and using desensitizing tooth paste is the best solution for teeth sensitivity.
  • Another effective treatment is using mouth guard if you grind your teeth as teeth grinding causes sensitivity.
  • Replace tooth fillings if your fillings are of older! Replace with new fillings that are made of tooth-friendly material.
  • If the sensitivity is severe and very bad, a root canal or any other dental care is necessary. Keep your oral hygiene routine even after getting any kind of dental treatment.

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