Teeth Cleaning & Polishing

Importance of Getting Teeth Cleaning and Polishing

Dental care is very essential for healthy mouth and cleaning of teeth every day at home should be a part of your daily routine. Visiting your family dentist for every 6 months to one year is essential to ensure your teeth free from any bacteria and disease.

Getting teeth cleaning and polishing at the dental office can keep you away from the gum diseases and tooth decay. For better and beautiful smiles and good mouth, clean the teeth daily which prevent long-term oral diseases.

What is a teeth cleaning procedure involve?

During the teeth cleaning session, you dentist uses variety of tools that aid in deep gum cleaning and teeth surface. Initially, the dentist uses an ultrasonic cleaner and water sprayer to loosen and remove dental plaque and tartar from the teeth and gums. Then the dentist uses a hand scraper to remove the additional plaque and tartar. During the procedure, you may experience mild discomfort. The dentist then sand and smooth the roots of your teeth to remove the existing plaque and bacteria.

Teeth Cleaning and PolishingWhat is the polishing procedure involves?

Finally, the dentist brushes your teeth with a rotary toothbrush and gritty type toothpaste to polish and clean your teeth. This can remove if there is any food debris left in the mouth. After that teeth become smooth and clean leaving any bacteria unable to stick to the teeth.

What does Teeth cleaning and Polishing do?

It removes the remaining food stuck between the teeth for over a long period, plaque and tartar, which cause severe cavities and also bad breath. Plaque is a soft and sticky infected layer. Cleaning and polishing makes the teeth smooth and free from bacteria.

After completion of teeth cleaning and polishing, your doctor will do fluoride treatment to strengthen the teeth. Professionally cleaning of teeth is called as “prophylaxis”.

It is not sure that the regular oral practices will remove all the plaque and tartars which causes cavities and gum diseases. So dental checkups should be done very often and every dentist recommends this.

How often one should get teeth cleaning?

  • For a healthy person, it is recommended to visit the dentist at least once in a year for teeth cleaning.
  • For people with gum diseases and other oral problems, it is recommended to get the teeth cleaned more often in order to prevent the recurrence of diseases and infection.
  • For people with some chronic conditions like heart disease or diabetes, which are linked very much with teeth problems should get teeth cleaning as often as possible.
  • For people who smoke should quit smoking as it can cause teeth staining that can lead to other tooth and gum problems.

Visiting a dentist can accurately tell you about how often you should get your teeth cleaned.

Is there any possibility of bleeding from the gums after teeth cleaning?

Yes. When there is lot of bacteria built up in the mouth, it can irritate the gums. Then the gums become more sensitive and resulting in bleeding. So, it is recommended to get teeth cleaning regularly. When the dentist uses tools and brush to remove the huge amount of bacteria built up in your mouth, it can cause bleeding. You may feel sensitive gums for one or two days after cleaning.

How much does a teeth cleaning procedure cost?

The cost of teeth cleaning may vary depending on the location, the time taken for cleaning and also your teeth condition. Most of the insurance companies will cover the total cost of teeth cleaning, so don’t have to pay anything out of your pocket. If you don’t have any dental insurance, you can expect to between $50 and $150. If you have any existing teeth problems and haven’t get teeth cleaning since long time, then the cost may be between $400 and $1500.

One thing you should remember is, even you brush or floss regularly, it is most important to get teeth cleaning and polishing under the hands of experienced dentist at least once in a year. It can help you prevent major dental problems and also reduce the cost of getting other deep dental procedures.

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