Root Canal

Root Canal – A Permanent Solution for Damaged Tooth and Pulp

Root Canal!! Once we hear this term, it brings an “aaahh” expression in our faces. It brings fear in our hearts, but frankly speaking, it is one of the most common dental treatments performed for saving an abscessed tooth.

A root canal is an endodontic treatment that treats inside of the teeth. Root canal treatment involves removal of pulp which is a thread-like tissue at center of tooth and seals the root tip. Once the damaged dead or diseased pulp is removed, the left over space is shaped, cleaned and filled.

Root CanalWhen is it necessary?

The most common reasons of pulp damage are:

  • A deep dental cavity
  • A cracked tooth
  • An injury to a tooth, either recent or in the past

Once the pulp is diseased or infected and if left untreated, pus may develop at the root end in jawbone, resulting in abscess formation. An abscess destroys the tooth bone and causes severe pain. Therefore root canal treatment is required to save your tooth else it would be lost.

Who is more feasible for root canal treatment?

Pulp damage or nerve infection can occur due to many reasons. People who are suffering with the following dental issues are suggested to get a root canal treatment:

  • Deep cavity
  • Pain
  • Trauma
  • Abscess
  • Repeated dental procedures
  • Fractures

If you notice any of the above tooth problems, then root canal treatment is necessary to save the tooth and its functioning for long time. In the past, the only treatment for the above dental issues is extraction, but now it is substituted with root canal that saves your teeth.

How the root canal treatment is performed?

This procedure is carried out in 3-4 steps by your dentist. Before performing root canal, your dentist will take several X-rays to know the extent of damage and access to the treatment. Here is the brief overview of how the procedure is performed:

  • The procedure starts with general Anesthetic.
  • Tooth is opened through the crown, which is the flat part at the top of the tooth. Then the dentist accesses the soft tissue at the center of the tooth to remove the infected pulp.
  • After removing the pulp, dentist will clean and enlarge the root canal to make the filling easier. Dentist then puts a temporary medication in the cleaned canal to kill the remaining bacteria. Then the tooth is filled.
  • During your next visit, the temporary medication and filling is removed and finally the root canal filling is inserted.

What are the post procedure instructions?

After getting the surgery, your dentist suggests you to follow these instructions:

  • Use salt or warm water rinses that soothes your mouth
  • Avoid heavy biting or chewing on the side where you have the root canal
  • Sleep with your head in an elevated position
  • Avoid eating hard or crunchy foods
  • Avoid smoking, alcohol consumption and even strenuous exercises for few days

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