Preventive Dentistry

Preventive Dentistry to Reduce Dental Diseases and Maintain Oral Hygiene

Are you aware of maintaining good and healthy oral habits that can safeguard your beautiful smile against serious dental issues? Running short of time to visit a dentist for dental cleanings and regular check-ups? If that is the case, we would like to introduce you the dental procedure – Preventive dentistry as it saves your time and money as well as helps you to avoid the need for dental emergencies.

Preventive DentistryWhat does preventive dentistry mean?

Preventive dentistry is a part of general dentistry that focuses on life practices and procedures which help people to prevent the early stage or progression of dental diseases. It boosts your oral health and improves the appearance of your smile. It also includes at-home oral care performed by the patients, as well as education on dental care by professional dental staff in the clinic or office.

What are main goals of preventive dentistry?

There is lot more to dentistry than filling and drilling. Great oral care is not only about fixing dental problems but also about preventing issues before becoming serious. Major part of your oral care is focused on highlighting better oral health and prevention of different kinds of gum diseases

Preventive dentistry can be your most beneficial weapon for a clean and healthy smile. It’s also your first line of defense to keep your oral structure safe for the rest of your happy life.

Your preventive dental care starts with analyzing the present status of your oral health that allows your dentist to identify existing dental issues that require regular dental examinations

Preventive dentistry assessment procedures involves professional dental cleanings, removes deposits of plaque and calculus. Examinations of teeth and soft tissue around the gums using visual exams are most important aspect of preventing periodontal diseases from going wrong. These preventive examinations include X-Rays, computerized measurement gadgets that measure the bacterial accumulation in the mouth, radiographic examinations and oral cancer screening. Sometimes, anti-inflammatory mouth washes are recommended to prevent painful gum diseases.

When to see a dentist?

In case of children, as soon as the eruption of first tooth happens, parents must be very caring for their kid’s teeth. Children are suggested to visit a dentist by the age of 1. By regular dentist visits and dental check-ups from young age, parents help their child to have healthy smile and even understands the significance of teeth care.

Adults are recommended to visit a dentist twice a year and getting preventive treatments will ensure healthy teeth and gums and also you can stay away from those costly restorations in future.

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