Oral Cancer Screening

Importance of Getting Oral Cancer Screening

Oral cancer is a type of disease that occurs in mouth, lips, throat and tongue. It is due to the growth of abnormal cells in these areas. Usually people of age above 45 years are more likely prone to this disease. In 2003, more than three thousand cases are identified and almost thousand deaths occurred in Canada.

Oral Cancer
Periodic comprehensive dental examination to have a healthy mouth and teeth

What exactly is Oral Cancer Screening?

Oral cancer screening is a test that is done to find any signs of oral cancer which may be visual too. Usually dentists look for the symptoms like bleeding, numbness in mouth, white or dark red patches in mouth, lips and tongue and changes in texture or color of the mouth tissues.

Difficulties in swallowing and earaches are also the symptoms which dentists alone cannot detect and so he questions them to you to confirm. Most important is the early detection of the disease which makes dentist to treat it successfully.

Why oral cancer screenings are necessary?

Men face more risk of oral cancer occurrence over women. So, screening is necessary to identify any signs of oral Cancer. People with cigarette smoking and pipe smoking get the oral cancer easily when compared to nonsmokers. So screening is necessary for them. Chewing tobacco, alcohol consumption and extreme exposure of lips to sunlight develops oral cancer and screening is very necessary for those who have these habits in order to caught early signs of oral cancer before they become worse.

Oral cancer screening is easy to perform, inexpensive and have the potential to prevent the annual global mortality for oral cancers.

Early detection of oral cancers by oral screenings has two important arms. The first arm is focusing on signs and symptoms of neck and head of both practitioner and patient at an early stage. The other arm is directed on improving number of screenings for oral cancer in asymptomatic patients. Both the arms are like significant barriers to oral screening.

Who are more recommended to get oral cancer screenings?

All the people are recommended to get oral cancer screenings for every 6 months or once a year in order to detect early stages of oral issues before it becomes serious.

  • If you are a tobacco user or alcohol user, then you are at higher risk of getting oral cancers and necessary to screen for oral diseases.
  • People who are having oral sex should also get frequent oral screenings.
  • Even if you do not consume alcohol or smoke, you may still be at risk of developing oral cancers.
  • If you are the one having the family history of cancers, you must get the oral screenings very often without fail.
  • If you are dealing with history of leukoplakia, bleeding mouth, changes in voice, tenderness in any area of mouth, neck and face, you are at higher risk of experiencing oral cancers.

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