Mouth Guards

Know the Safety and Importance of Mouth Guards

Are you planning for any recreational activities or hitting the slopes this winter? If your answer is yes, then be sure of protecting your teeth as we cannot imagine us without teeth.

Smiling, eating and talking all would be unpleasant if you lost one or two of your front teeth. Face to face conversations would be uncomfortable. If you want to protect your teeth, costumed mouth guards can help you during your sport activities. Let us know some important points about mouth guards which would help you further.

Mouth GuardsWhat does Mouth Guards mean?

Mouth guards are said to be mouth protectors help like cushion a blow to your face with less risk of teeth injuries and broken teeth. Mouth guards typically a great way to cover your upper teeth and protect the soft tissue of your sensitive tongue, cheek lining and lips as well.

Who needs a mouth guard?

There are many reasons whereby these standard equipment splints are recommended. Here are some conditions of persons who need a mouth guard:

  • Persons who are organized in sport activities and contact sports like boxing, lacrosse, ice and field hockey, etc. should use mouth guards.
  • Mouth guard is very beneficial for children and adults who are active in sports. Wearing a mouth guard can avoid serious teeth injuries and alleviate a lot of pain.
  • People with temporal-mandibular disorders are required to wear mouth guards to prevent stress on painful jaws and ease the symptoms.
  • Sleep bruxism is a condition that affects adults and children results in TMJ problems, anxiety, different allergic reactions. Use of a mouth guard for bruxism prevents attritional wear to the affected teeth.
  • Anyone would benefit from protective mouth guard who are participating in non-contact sports like gymnastics and recreational activities such as mountain biking, skateboarding which might pose higher risk of injuries to jaws or mouth.

Benefits of mouth guard:

  • A mouth guard can avoid the serious injuries like brain hemorrhages, jaw fractures, neck injuries, and loss of consciousness as they prevent the clogging of lower jaw to the upper jaw.
  • Allow athletes to speak more easily and does not limit breathing.
  • Person with snoring problem can be treated with mouth guards.
  • Separates the soft tissue of oral cavity of teeth.
  • Prevents laceration and more efficient for kids having clenching problem.

Risks of not wearing mouth guards:

  • Brain damages or injuries due to strong hits by the opponents in the contact sports as well as noncontact sports
  • Kids due to continuous grinding of their teeth during night results in severe tooth aches, headaches and jaw pains etc.
  • Athletes who do not use mouth guards while playing put them in risk of serious health issues like brain hemorrhages, TMJ problems and more.

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