Dental Sealants

Safe and Cost Effective Dental Sealants for Kids and Adults

Do you or any of your family members have dental carries? Then dental sealants are great option.

Candies are like best friends for children but when it comes to dental issue they may be their worst enemies. Most children at times may not resist some of the sweetest treats thus resulting in dental decay and carries. Dental sealant is the great option to protect your child’s teeth from the painful cavities caused by the stickiest treats.

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What is a dental sealant?

Relatively new technology in general dentistry procedures is Dental Sealant. Sealants are fantastic tools primarily used on children for preventing tooth decay and cavities. A Sealant is a thin plastic layer applied to crevices and cracks of rear teeth that keeps leftover food deposits and germs from effecting tooth decay in these larger fissures. The technique of applying sealants is pain free and fast.

Who are recommended for applying dental sealants?

  • Many dental practitioners recommend that children can benefit from sealants on his or her permanent molars but only advised when the teeth come out of the gums.
  • Dental sealants are suggested for those having deep pits or grooves in their teeth as they are more prone to food build-up and plaque.
  • Adults or teenagers who are at risk for dental decay and cavities can also benefit from placing dental sealants.
  • Those who have existing grooves in their teeth and that grooves not yet filled can even opt for dental sealants.

Benefits of dental sealants:

  • Dental sealants are most effective in preventing discomfort caused by tooth decay and the great option for parents to provide their child a perfect smile.
  • Dental sealants are cost-effective that is less than getting a cavity filled as well as effective preventive and safe procedure for treating cavities.
  • Getting dental sealants is beneficial in protecting specific areas where bacteria, food deposits and plaque love to accumulate and resulting in tooth decay.
  • Opting Dental sealants works great for molars, back teeth which are more likely to deposit plaque. It protects the teeth from weakening due to drilled and filled teeth and strengthens the teeth against decay and cavities.
  • Sealants acts like a barrier, protecting enamel from acids and plaque.

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