Scaling/Root Planning

Cost Effective Dental Scaling/Root Polishing For Tartar and Plaque Removal

Dental scaling is a procedure that removes tartar or plaque deposits formed on your teeth surface and helps to regain the gum health. It is usually performed along with a procedure known as root planning.

Scaling/Root PlanningHow dental scaling is performed?

Dental scaling is done with ultrasonic instruments, manual instruments or both. The dental hygienist will begin the process with thorough examination of your teeth or mouth. Then it is followed by an ultrasonic scaling device to remove tartar or plaque that causes bacteria using sonic vibrations. This ultrasonic scaling device eliminates calculus, tartar, biofilm and plaque formed on tooth surface and below the gum line. Then a manual hand instrument can be used to eliminate left over deposits of tartar.

During the dental scaling procedure, your dental hygienist numbs the tooth roots and gums with a local anesthesia, as teeth scaling associated with root planning can cause little discomfort. Your dentist will use specialized and advanced tools to remove hardened deposits of tartar or plaque formed on the teeth and both sides of gum line. Root planning process involves soothing the rough spots on teeth roots that can develop gum infections by holding and trapping bacteria.

What can you expect after dental scaling?

You can expect a little discomfort after root planning, but you can also experience it to be sorer afterwards since it is usually done in deeper regions under gums.

Teeth can become more sensitive to changing temperatures, and bleeding might happen for a little while. Proper brushing and flossing should be done more gently to avoid irritation caused by tender gum areas and preventing development of future bacteria and plaque formation.

Chlorhexidine or salt water rinses are recommended which keep your mouth and teeth clean.

How well it works?

Maintain good oral hygiene after the procedure so that you will stay away from various gum diseases. And also your gums will recover soon, become pink and firm again.

When should scaling be done?

  • As the formation of plaque is a continuous process and is not thoroughly removed by regular brushing, it begins mineralizing into tartar within 10-14 hours. If it is the case, then you need to get scaling for every six months.
  • As every dentist recommends regular dental checkup for every six months or one year, he will advise you whether you need scaling or not during the regular dental examination.
  • One thing you should remember is, dental scaling doesn’t weaken your teeth, instead it prevents gum diseases that result in bleeding gums and if they are not checked, it may lead to various gum problems.

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