Dental Examinations

General Dental Examinations for Best Oral Health

Want to avoid dental emergencies? Then you should be regular with dental exams and should also follow some preventive measures.

Getting regular Dental Examinations are necessary to detect oral health issues like periodontal disease, tooth decay and many more in early stages. Professional oral examinations are essential for a dentist to diagnose common dental health issues and perform various treatment options as well as suggest tips for oral hygiene to get relief from the painful gum diseases. Early diagnosis of oral health issues can help you ease the condition from becoming worse.

Dental ExaminationsSo, go on reading for those most essential dental examinations you should consider:

1. X-Rays

If you are someone visiting a dentist for the first time, then you are suggested for X-Rays to evaluate your current status of oral health. Dental X-Ray exams are said to be safe and useful diagnostic tool performed to detect the damaged and diseased teeth or gums that are not diagnosed through regular dental checkups. X-Ray gives less radiation exposure hence reduces the risk of potential harmful effects and even evaluates the new cavities and growth of your teeth as well.

2. Oral Cancer Screening

Oral cancer screening helps your doctor to examine any signs of oral cancer. Dental hygienist will feel the areas inside your cheeks and lips, under the jaw and sides of lips as well as checks the floor and roof of your mouth and tongue to detect malignant disorders.

3. Gum Disease Evaluation

This test is performed to examine the bone and gums around the teeth for any early signs of gum disease that leads to bone or tooth loss. It evaluates your present status of gum health such as periodontal pockets, an inflammation of gums and helps to treat your condition and gives relief from pain and discomfort.

4. Tooth Decay Examinations

This test uses specific dental instruments to check all tooth surfaces for any decayed, damaged or missed teeth. Untreated tooth decay sometimes leads to tooth loss. Regular dental exams can help prevent the tooth decay before you lose your teeth.

5. Examinations of Existing Restorations

This is used in examining existing crowns, fillings and shows any cavities present under dental fillings as well as shows any fractures or gum diseases that leads to decay and bone loss.

Visual inspection of your mouth provides complete medical history to your dentist to suggest successive dental procedures for your oral health problems.

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