Tooth Colored Fillings

Tooth Colored Dental Fillings Cost, Aftercare, Before and After Images

Tooth colored fillings are used to fill teeth, which match the color of the teeth and make them look natural. It is a mixture of acrylic- resin bonds to the tooth and strengthens the natural appearance of the tooth. It is also mercury free and is less resistant to wear than silver (amalgam) fillings! These fillings are now becoming the standard of care. They are generally used on teeth, which will be seen when you laugh or talk. These type of tooth fillings are not used for back teeth that are used for chewing as these fillings are not durable and break when you put pressure on them.

Tooth Colored FillingsThere are various types of fillings used for tooth coloring and filling. The fillings used for teeth are very soft and they can be moulded as per the requirement before they become hard. The material used for tooth fillings stick to the teeth, so they are used to repair the worn, chipped teeth and build edges of the teeth. Some of the material used for tooth colored filling shrink over time and cause sensitivity. It also produces gaps between the teeth and helps in attracting the bacteria and causes further decay. Nowadays, as the technology increased, more composite materials are introduced which protect the teeth and reduce decay over time.

Tooth colored fillings should be completely dried after they are set on the teeth. For this the dentist use special rubber sheets to keep saliva off or use sucker machine which take away saliva produced in the mouth and keep the tooth filling dry. The treatment will be completed after the filling is fixed and dried. Glass ionomers are used for filling the children’s teeth; they are not much durable but protect the teeth from decay by producing fluoride. The glass ionomers are generally used to fill back teeth or teeth surfaces.

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