Partial Denture Implants, Repair and How Much Do They Cost

A denture is a removable piece made of acrylic, (a hard plastic), which replaces all missing teeth and nearby tissues. A partial is also a removable piece made of acrylic combined with metal to fill in the spaces of missing teeth and fills out your smile.

Dentures/PartialsThere are two types of dentures available:

1. Complete Dentures

Complete Dentures could be either immediate or conventional. Complete dentures are placed when the tooth is removed and gum tissues are healed.

Conventional dentures are placed in the mouth after 12 weeks of tooth removal. While immediate dentures are prepared in advance and can be placed almost immediately as teeth is removed. In this process of treatment, you need not be without teeth during the recovery period. Usually gums and bones contract over time during the recovery period of tooth removal.

When compared with conventional dentures, immediate dentures have some disadvantages and they are not advisable in the treatment of tooth removal in the long run. The main disadvantage associated with immediate dentures is the teeth cannot be positioned properly at the time of healing process. So, immediate dentures are considered as a temporary solution.

2. Partial Dentures

Partial dentures treatment is conducted in the case where a part of natural teeth remains. Partial dentures prevent from changing the other teeth positions. The partial dentures are removable. Generally they contain replacement teeth fixed to a plastic base with pink color. For holding the dentures in the right position in the mouth, they are connected with a metal framework. Partial dentures are commonly used for lower and upper jaws where a part of natural teeth stays back.

There are some alternatives to dentures. One of the alternatives to dentures is dental implants. Dental implants are used as the permanent solution for cement bridges. The cost involved is usually higher when compared with dentures.

Are there any alternatives to dentures?

Dental implants are a great alternative option to dentures. Our clinic offers permanent dental implants and also eliminating the need of a denture. These dental implants cost slightly higher compare to dentures as these implants more closely look like natural teeth. Make an appointment with Dr. Bhatt, he can suggest the best choice for you.

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