Dental Crowns/Bridges

Cost Effective Crowns/Bridges to Protect a Completely Decayed Tooth

A crown is placed when a tooth has a large amount of decay and cannot hold a filling, or if your tooth is cracked or broken and in danger of cracking down into the root if left unattended. A crown covers your tooth completely. It is fit to protect the remains of the natural tooth.

Dental Crowns/Bridges



What is the use of Crowns?

Crowns are used to treat tooth which are broken or weakened by decay or large filling. Crowns are generally used to give strength to the teeth and to increase its appearance. Dental X-ray is taken to check the condition of the teeth and then the decision is taken to use the crown or not. Crowns used for front teeth are generally made of ceramic material and the crowns used for back teeth are made of porcelain material or the strong material like gold is used.

How Crowns are prepared?

Crowns are prepared to fit the original teeth and appear as natural teeth. The crowns made of gold can appear in golden or silver color in appearance. Ceramic crowns, which were introduced recently, appear as porcelain crowns and are as strong as porcelain crowns. Ceramic crowns can be used on all the teeth.

How Crowns are inserted?

Crowns are prepared by taking the exact measurement of your teeth by the dentist and prepared in a week time. Crowns are prepared and fixed by the dentist after examining the teeth. In the initial appointment, a temporary crown is fixed if it is needed, then in the second appointment a permanent crown is prepared after taking the measurement and fixed by replacing the old one.

Local anesthesia is given in order to numb the teeth by the dentist and then the tooth is shaped so that there will not be any requirement for the new crown. After the tooth is shaped, the measurement is taken and the crown is prepared so that it fits the teeth exactly.

Missing teeth may affect your overall life in everyday speech, meal and more. However, there are many choices available in order to restore your beautiful smile. A dental bridge is one of the best ways to treat the missing teeth and also enhance the shape of your face. Sometimes this treatment is also known as a fixed or partial denture. A bridge will replace missing teeth with artificial teeth, however it looks great. Dental bridge is a natural way to give support for your surrounding teeth.

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