Cosmetic Bonding

Cost Effective Dental Bonding for Teeth Gaps and Minor Defects

Do you have gaps in your teeth? Do you have any minor defects in your teeth because of any injury? Then don’t worry… J B Dentistry offers you a very good dental procedure to repair all these dental problems.

Cosmetic bonding nowadays is extensively used for tooth bonding. It is a very good technique, which uses colored material to bind teeth permanently by using modern dental adhesives. This treatment is used by people who want to reshape their teeth by closing the gaps between the teeth. Bonding reduces the gap between the teeth and it repairs the minor defects in the teeth.

The bonding material is chosen based on the color and consistency of the person’s natural teeth who want bonding. After the bonding material is chosen, the material is molded according to the shape required and is set between the teeth using ultraviolet rays. This treatment is done on the doctor’s suggestion and appointment. After closely examining the person’s teeth, the dentist will suggest whether cosmetic bonding is the right treatment or not. After taking the doctor’s opinion, one can go for this treatment.

Cosmetic BondingTypes of Cosmetic Bonding:

There are 2 types of tooth bonding, one is used for bonding smaller area and the other is used to correct larger area. For bonding smaller area, only one sitting is required. The material for bonding is selected based on the natural color of the teeth and bonded on the surface of the teeth for extra strength. For correcting larger area, two sittings are required. In this type of bonding the tooth looks very natural, it is also very durable, and stain resistant.

Advanced preparation time is required for both smaller and larger area corrections for bonding. The treatment generally takes half an hour to an hour per teeth to complete.

Advantages and Uses of Cosmetic Bonding:

This treatment is used by people in wide range of conditions who have small gaps in between the teeth, discolored teeth, tooth decay, cracked teeth or uneven teeth. All the mentioned situations are very usually treated by cosmetic bonding. It is painless and is a very smooth process. No tooth substance or tooth is removed in this process. When the bonding material is later removed, there will be no loss to your teeth and it will be same as before the bonding treatment.

  • It is the easiest treatment as well as inexpensive.
  • Anesthesia is generally not required for this treatment.

Disadvantages of Cosmetic Bonding:

  • Bonding material does not stay for a longer period and is not strong. It can break or chip off the teeth.
  • The material is said to be stain resistant but it does not resist stains for longer periods.

Because of some disadvantages, dentist recommend only for small and temporary corrections. The cost of this treatment depends on the type of material and the amount of bonding required.

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