Zoom Teeth Whitening

Best and Professional Zoom Teeth Whitening to Whiten your Teeth Fast

Over time, our teeth become discolored or stained. For these problems, we offer a safe solution to a beautiful smile. Our office utilizes the Zoom! Chair side Whitening procedure as seen on the television show Extreme Smile Makeover. In about 1 hour, you can whiten your teeth usually between 6 and 10 shades whiter.

Zoom Teeth Whitening is a cosmetic dentistry process helps in the removal of teeth discoloration. This process is very popular as it drastically enhances the appearance of the teeth at a very less inconvenience and less cost compared to other techniques.

Zoom Teeth WhiteningWhat is the process of zoom teeth whitening?

The zoom teeth whitening process starts by taking impressions for bleaching trays of lower and upper teeth and cheek retractors are placed which help in keeping the mouth open. Then the process starts by covering soft tissues in the mouth area and isolating the teeth with liquid and gauze material. During the process, if your lip become numb or gets tingling, then these are the signs of burn. Alert your teeth whitening professional as soon as possible. Then teeth whitening gel is applied on front part of the teeth and then evenly spread. In few cases, if sensitivity is more, a pre-treatment liquid is required prior to teeth whitening gel. Chemical burns may happen because of high concentration in whitening gel. Therefore, it is mandatory to use protective layers on gums.

After the whitening treatment, your teeth should not be rehydrated for 48 hours. Avoid having colored liquids, as this may cause color back. Stick to salads and water.

Zoom teeth whitening is a very effective and very safe treatment, provided you are properly guided and significantly having the proper dental follow-up for the process.

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