Teeth Grinding

Most of us fall prey to teeth clenching or grinding. It is a serious dental concern and happens during sleep. Moreover, many are not aware of it as they do while sleeping until they experience the symptoms of clenching jaw and pain or soreness in the neck upon waking. Occasional teeth grinding may not lead to any issues but doing it on regular basis can cause oral health problems. Here are some facts about teeth grinding and its effects.

Teeth GrindingWhat is Teeth Grinding?

A tooth grinding in medical terms called Bruxism is a disastrous habit described as repeated clenching of jaw which makes teeth to grind against each other. It can happen to both adults and children as well.

Causes of teeth grinding:

  • Night time clenching of jaw most often occurs by anxiety or stress which can associate with sleep and lead to unconscious teeth grinding all night.
  • Children who are hyperactive and dealing with allergies, missing and crooked tooth, endocrine disorders and improperly aligned teeth can also prompt to do teeth clenching during sleep.
  • Sleep apnea is another common condition to experience clenching of jaw.
  • Lack of important vitamins and minerals also make you to do teeth grinding.

How teeth grinding effects?

Nighttime or daytime grinding is an unfortunate habit that influences one’s health in multiple ways.

  • Teeth clenching makes patients to get cavities. It wears down enamel and exposes dentin in the teeth.
  • As teeth grinding keeps much force or pressure on teeth results in tooth fractures or tooth loss.
  • Some of the patients develop TMJ disorders as it disturbs temporo-mandibular joints.
  • Soreness and pain in the jaw along with headaches are the common impacts of teeth grinding.

Tips to teeth grinders:

  • Wearing night guards can help you greatly to reduce the symptoms of dental damage due to teeth grinding.
  • Reduce your consumption of eatables and avoid caffeine and alcohol.
  • Keep your lips sealed but make sure your teeth should touch only for swallowing or chewing.
  • Reduce your anxiety and stress by relaxing and also relax your jaw muscles.
  • Try to take warm water bath in order to get good night’s sleep that reduces teeth grinding chances.

Discuss all your concerns regarding teeth grinding with your dentist to decide appropriate and best treatment options to protect your healthy and beautiful smile.

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