Fluorosis Cure and Treatment Options for Adults and children at Affordable Cost

We will come across with many people having white or brown stains on their teeth. Many think those stains as dental disease but it is not. It is a dental condition that affects the enamel of the teeth but not the health or function of the teeth. Actually fluoride is a beneficial compound used to fight against cavities and tooth decay but over consumption of fluoride from daily household products leads to discolored or rough teeth permanently.

FluorosisWhat is fluorosis?

Fluorosis is a most common cosmetic condition that changes the teeth appearance into yellow or brown color permanently.

Fluorosis is two types which are dental or skeleton. Dental fluorosis is like a layer development on the teeth which might appear in different colors like white which could only be detected by Dentist at times it will be yellow to light brown color as well depending on the intensity. The intensity could be classified from normal (creamy white), very mild (white patches covering around 25% of the teeth area), mild (pale yellow covering around 50% teeth area), Severe (brown steins almost covering all tooth area).

Causes of fluorosis:

Fluorosis is caused by excess levels of fluoride in the body. One of the major reasons is the water intake which has excess fluoride content in it. One of the common reasons observed in children is swallowing tooth-paste which contains excess fluoride. Intake of fluoride containing juices/drinks in excess content also put you under fluorosis effect.


Fluorosis could be prevented in the early stage of childhood by taking proper care not to swallow toothpaste. Dental treatments like bleaching or tooth whitening are recommended for stain removals. Also Veneers and caps are applied on the tooth to protect from further damage due to fluorosis.

Home remedies:

  • If you or your child suffering with dental fluorosis then start with cutting coffee, dark sodas, red wine and product containing caffeine.
  • Avoid using baking soda in your dishes and add some foods in your diet that are friendly to your teeth like apples, carrots and cereals.
  • Do not consume tomato sauces, oranges, pickles and balsamic vinegar if you are dealing with dental fluorosis.

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